Hank Hall aka Hawk is a superhero. He was a recurring character in the first season of Titans and became part of the Main Cast in the second season. He is played by Alan Ritchson.

Biography Edit

Hank Hall is a superhero and the partner of Dawn Granger. They are also in a relationship.

Relationships Edit

Dawn Granger Edit

Dawn is Hawk's girlfriend and partner.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Hank Hall was created by Steve Ditko and Steve Skeates and debuted in Showcase 75 in 1967. Originally, he was partnered with his brother, Don Hall as the superhero duo Hawk & Dove. When Don died, Hank partnered with his successor, Dawn Granger. Hawk is the more aggressive of the two; and being with Dove helped to suppress his more violent urges.
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