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Dawn Granger aka Dove is a superhero, and the partner of Hawk. She was a recurring character in the first season of Titans but was promoted to the Main Cast in the second season. She is played by Minka Kelly.


Dawn and her partner Hank are superheroes. They are also in a relationship with each other.


Hank Hall[]

Hank is Dove's boyfriend and partner.

Dick Grayson[]

She had a short lived relationship with him.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Dawn Granger is the second holder of the name "Dove", taking on the mantle after the death of Don Hall. Created by Karl and Barbara Kessel, she debuted in 1988 and received her powers at the moment that Don died, and they manifested when she tried to save her mother from terrorists. Eventually, she teamed up with Hawk to reform Hawk & Dove and helped to reign in Hawk's more violent impulses.